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Darwin Plums are our Salty Plum

We often get calls about Darwin plums on 08 89816960. People want to know if our salty plums are the original Darwin plum that they used to get in Darwin.

Well, the truth is it is the same supplier but the ingredients have changed slightly over the years.

The main change is how the plums are coloured and flavoured. The original Darwin plum of decades ago used a different type of coating.

Ledged has it that it was a ground beetle, but it may have been another ingredient. Suffice to say now there was a massive shortage of salty plums because it took ages for this one ingredient to be replaced.

This is where we came in. We discovered a salty plum that was exactly like the original but with new-fangled ingredients. It was like rediscovering heaven. Basically, after a year in the naughty corner, the Darwin plum was back on the market.

Regular Darwin plum Questions

We have compiled some of the most asked questions about our Darwin plum that people are desperate to know.

  1. Is it the same as the Original Darwin Plum: Well yes and no the plum is as close as possible to the plum of the ’90s. In our opinion, it is exactly the same.
  2. How can we get your plums: Our salty plums are sold in shops in QLD and the NT as well as the top of WA. If you are outside these areas or there is no shop nearby then you will be interested in the next answer.
  3. Do you ship: this is a big yes we offer express post services or for the big order we ship bus freight.
  4. What are the most popular sizes: Well quite frankly it only really the one size the 1kg Darwin Plum in the resealable bag. It’s the picture on this page.
  5. How much does 1kg Darwin plum cost, well its a very reasonable $30 + express delivery $16 = $46 bucks
  6. We hope that we have answered everything you wanted to know please join our Facebook page or click the link to buy our 1kg