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Salty Plum Wholesale FAQ

How do we order

Because we send the most economical way you initially by email using a purchase order or just a simple order

Do your products have a bar-code? Are they packaged (bagged)

Salty Plum Wholesale FAQ
Salty Plum Wholesale FAQ

All large products are packaged in clear bags, the small hang packs are labelled and barcoded. The large bags can be supplied with labels or without including bar-codes depending on your needs. Some customers do their own labels. All boxes come with labelling.

Do they have correct labeling Food Standards?

All boxes come with labeling and use-by dates.

What are your trading terms we would have a preference to pay by EFT on presentation of a Tax Invoice

Because we have had problems with outstanding accounts, we require all customers to Pay on the invoice before shipping. We do accept credit cards and do not charge excess card fees.

Do you offer discounts to Buying Groups Large Purchases from wholesalers

Our main business is delivering salty plums and dried fruits for individual enterprises Australia Wide, and we like to deal direct. There may be discounts on some products, but this is priced on application and may need a pre-order.

We may need assistance organizing freight can you help?

We ship all over Australia, price multiple freight options, and work with you to choose the best solution for your business. For instance, our freight cost percentages range from 5% to 20% of the order. Tell us what you like to work with, and we try to meet your needs.

Bulk purchasing pricing what are our options

Because our main customers are individual stand-alone businesses, we offer the same rate to everyone. In saying that on some of our products, if you were to pre-order (30-50 days in advance) minimum 50 cartons, we may be able to do a better deal.